Welcome to the Mendy's Hub

by The Mendy's Team

Posted on: March 6th, 2019 at 17:23 PM


Welcome to the Mendy's Hub, from here you can find out information about current promotions, offers and events at your premier kosher superstore. Also find out information from the Community such as announcements, clubs and other exciting activites from your local community.

The Mendy's Hub is a new extension to your Premier Kosher Superstore. From here you will be able to view our latest events that customers will be available to participate in. You will also find out more information about promotions that are currently on-going or are set for the near future. You will also find out information about festivals such as Purim and Passover starting times. We also will publish interesting and notable articles for the community to read and learn.


The main purpose of the Mendy's Hub is to bring the community closer together and share activites and events that they feel everyone should be a part of. So feel free to contact the Mendy's Hub to share an event, activity or charity event for the people of the Jewish community. simply send an email to mendyshub@gmail.com in order to get an article published on the hub. We welcome all people to participate on the Mendy's Hub with new ideas and new events that can involve others.

We will also be posting current developments that will be happening at your local superstore such as new and exciting products that will be available in-store and online. We look forward to what will come of the Mendy's Hub online and hope it will the community closer together.

Interested in Publishing an Article for the Mendy's Hub? Simply send your article to mendyshub@gmail.com today!

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