Refund Payment Types

We can issue you your refund through a number of methods of your choice.

  • -Cash Refund (Only Availavle In-Store)
  • -Card Refund (Require Card Details for Refund)
  • -Store Credit (Issued as a Gift Card)
  • -Account Credit (Must have a Valid Mendy's Account)

Why: We ask for Your Loyalty Card Number

This can better verify our records of the purchase that you made with us and also makes it more likely that we can issue you a refund fast

Why: We Ask for a Receipt Number

We ask for a receipt number so that we can look through our database of sales to find a record of the item that you have purchased. We can then accelarate the process of your refund.

Return an Item to Us

Report a Product that is Defective or Has a Problem

We are sorry that you have experienced a problem with one of our products, we want to make it right but before we can, we just need a bit of information from you. Please complete the online return form below and provide us with the necessary information so that we can help process a refund for your product. We apologise for the inconvenience that this has caused. We always strive to make our customer experience better and constantly look for feedback on how to make our services better.