Download our Sushi Menu

Download a copy of our PDF Menu so that you can coordinate to plan festivals, shabbas meals or special events. If you wish to place an order, don't hesitate to place your order online today

Contact Our Sushi Chef

Get in contact with our sushi chef today by calling 020 8958 3444 and direct your call to our Sushi Bar where you will be able to contact our sushi chef who can deal with inquiries you may have such as nutrition information, allergen information and other necessary details about our sushi.

Rolled by Mendys

Enjoy the Finest Sushi made by our Experienced Sushi Chefs

Experience our freshly made sushi daily with Rolled by Mendy's. With our professional sushi chef onhand to help, get sushi made for normal snacking or get a platter made for special occasions such as Bar/Bat Mitzvah or parties. Get rewards with our new Sushi Card Offer, buy 10 sushi rolls and get one free. View our downloadable menu to see the range of sushi that we can offer. Check out our previous work in our gallery below. Why not try Rolled by Mendy's for yourself by visiting us in-store and experience superior quality for a low price.

We use the finest quality salmon, rice, avocado and soy sauce to make our sushi, it is important to us to use the best ingredients as it delivers superb tastes to our customers. We also provide fresh Edamame beans for customers if they choose to want to have them with their meal or as a snack. Our Sushi is made every day from 10am-5pm and is always readily available in our fridges. Want to make a custom sushi box? Not a problem! If our Sushi Chef is present, simply state how you would like to have your sushi or place an order from our menu and feel free to collect later.

Order for Special Occasions

In our busy calendar, we all have prior engagements that we have to deal with and the one thing that is the hardest to decide is, what to you provide for guests on special occasions. It’s the age old dilemma but we are here to help, if you want to decide on adding sushi to your menu, we can help with that too. We can make custom large platters for any occasion, whether it is multiple platters or just a single platter, we can ensure to provide professional-class catering of sushi for your occasion. Some things to keep in mind when ordering is:

  • - To specify the platter(s) which you would prefer (Consult our Sushi Menu for Details)
  • - Give valid notice for when you want the order completed (At least 1 week in advanced)
  • - Specify whether it is to deliver the product to your place of residence or collect in-store
These tips can help us better determine when to have your order completed by so that you are getting a product that is fresh as well as delicious.

Ordering Regarding Festivals

Festivals can be a tricky time, even for us, but we will always try our best to complete your order on time. To ensure that we can complete your order on time, before any major festivals, please place your order 2 weeks in advance to give us optimal time to process and complete your order. You will receive a notification from our customer team or sushi chef when your order is completed.